Kris12 Wrote:
May 13, 2014 11:55 PM
An amendment alters and supersedes that which has gone before it. It is literally impossible for an amendment to the state constitution to be unconstitutional, unless it is in violation of the Federal Constitution. If it were in violation of the Federal Constitution, the court would have to refer the case to the Federal Court, since it has no jurisdiction over matters of Federal law. There is no way for this ruling to be compatible with the law or logic. It is a breach of duty, a perversion of the office, and treason. It is a far, far worse crime than what the judge says has been committed against the plaintiffs. The judge has claimed that the Judicial branch has authority to override the will of the people and the supreme law of the land whenever it disagrees. This is not judicial activism, it is tyranny and a crime against all Americans.