LawEconUSMC Wrote:
May 12, 2014 10:17 AM
The common core is a VOLUNTARY measure of academic preparedness that was developed by the Department of Education as a policy paper designed to bring the academic achievement of American students up to the average achievement of our foreign peers. Our foreign competitors are much, much better educated in the areas of science and math than even our TOP students. We are losing the competitive race for jobs and innovation. Common Core is not imposed on any state. If we want to raise uneducated, stupid people then abandon the common core, which is supported by 75% of teachers who are polled anonymously. All education can and will be blamed by someone for being political and indoctrinating students. How you can make that argument about math I cannot understand. Science, by the religious irrational fathers can easily be confused with indoctrination, but do you really want an economy run by the theocracy? ALL United States schools are failing to educate our students up to the international standards with which they will compete. Is that really what you want? Shall we follow the Islamic standard in education because of our religious beliefs and deny women an education and reject the teaching of FACTS that dispute our faith? Must societies be ignorant of reality in order to believe in monotheism?