hjoseph Wrote:
May 10, 2014 2:42 PM
I think the Speaker did the right thing to establish a select committee to get to the truth which so far been stonewalled by the President, the Attorney General and Senior democrats who have used every trick in the book to hide a criminal act or at the very least gross incompetence which requires remedy in any civil society that ever existed. The only reason it may seem partisan is because the democrats have been the ones that are opposed to the thorough investigation that WE THE PEOPLE want. I would also like to say to Comrade Pelosi and Comrade Schiff both democrats from California that WE THE PEOPLE and the rule of law, not individual Congress people decide who and what committee people will serve on at the bequest of the Speaker of the House. The Senate committee that selects liberal supreme court justices over the past 5 years has been grossly under represented by Republicans but it's because the democrats are the majority in the Senate and the Senate GOP has always been told that elections have consequences, so is that standard out the window because Pelosi has created a new precedent. Do your damn job or resign.