Richard1511 Wrote:
May 04, 2014 7:57 AM
Young people today, the millenials, working single women, the majority of blacks, etal., are so stupid. They praise a murderous, devious, socialistic pig of a woman like Hillary Clinton, but turn their backs on one of the classiest black women in America today, Condoleezza Rice. Folks it is not the conservatives who are racist. It id the Liberal, Progressive, Socialists that are the racists. Anyone that does not see things their anti-American way is a racist. Personally I would vote for Condi Rice for president. I would vote for Dr Ben Carson for president. I would vote for Lt Col Allan West for president. I would vote for Trey Gowdy for president. But I will not vote for any establishment Republican, including Jeb Bush, or any Socialist candidate for any office. The young people of America have got to start realizing the only way to bring America back from the brink of destruction is the Constitutional Conservative way. The principles upon which our country was founded. I bet the majority of Americans think this country was founded and is a democracy. IT is a Republic. If you don't know the difference look it up.