Archer77 Wrote:
May 02, 2014 6:20 PM
Clarification: " That some video . . . . . . . ". should read: That the admin. blames it on some video should not be the central issue. " We all know this was a coverup from the beginning because of the bizarre, silly motive that the admin. put forth. My take is that the main issue of whether it was a " whatever " that caused it, that is not the important point. The point is that our people in Benghazi were asking for security and were constantly ignored. This is obvious! How the issue got sidetracked to what caused it is a total distraction. The shinny object of the magician! If Romney had not been thrown by C/C and B/O during the 2nd debate he would of said " So what, What does that have to do with you not giving our people cover when they needed it!