hjoseph Wrote:
May 02, 2014 5:28 PM
What did Dirty Harry say? While republicans are trying to pander to the Koch's and trying to revisit the Benghazi conspiracy theory, democrats are trying to raise the minimum wage and help women get equality in the workplace. What a big fat commie rat lie. The AFLCIO can give 400 million to the democrats for campaign donations, its not OK for the Koch's or anyone to give 5 million to the GOP. The four murdered Americans at Bhenghazi was not a conspiracy theory it was a cover-up by any stretch of the imagination unless you are brain dead. Ambassador Stevens was murdered along with another diplomat and two Brave Navy Seals who fought to the death and were told by Obama or Hillary that they would not get help. As far as minimum wage and equal pay, did this liar galore mention that he has over 40 House of Representative passed bills rat holed in his desk that would solve most of the job problems and economical issues facing our great country. This feeble old fart is an enemy of God fearing, Patriotic Americans because he is using his position as Senate leader to control legislation that supports his masters Marxist ideology. This progressive commie is really doing more damage than the liar-in-chief because he is the nexus for why Congress is non-functional. I think the general public is finally waking up and getting ready to vote these sleezy lawyers out of office. The sad thing is they have gotten filthy rich off their abuses of the U.S. Constitution and Americans.