dhensley813 Wrote:
Apr 26, 2014 11:06 AM
This sort of post-logical post is what earns this site a bit of a reputation for extremism and racial animus. "Miss Piggy"? Michelle Obama isn't overweight. She's getting up in years and she's not model material, but she's relatively fit. As to Sotomayor, she's actually one of the few examples of cases where affirmative action turned out to be academically suitable. All too often, students who are admitted via AA are just in over their heads and they don't graduate on time or they have to bail to an easy major so they don't graduate with the major that would have been the best fit for their abilities and interests. They'd have done better going to a school where they would have been prepared to advance at the pace of the convoy. But there's always exceptions, and Sotomayor, wrong though she is on this issue, is smart. She was a capable student and got good grades.