AlanfromBigEasy Wrote:
Apr 21, 2014 11:28 AM
Dr. Land, head of theology for the Southern Baptist Convention, forcefully advocated for the WORST sin of all - a War of Aggression. The Nurembourg War Crimes trails established the principle in international law that a War of Aggression was the worst war crime of all, since all other war crimes flow from that horrendous crime. Christian theology has a concept of a "just war", with a number of criteria. The first Gulf War came fairly close to being a just war, but did not meet that criteria (per tha Vatican) so it was a sin to engage in that war. However, the Invasion of Iraq was a War of Aggression - yet Dr. Land circulated a letter claiming that this DARKEST of all possible SINS was a "just war". I renounced my membership in a church that belonged to the Southern Baptist Convention and swore to never set foot in one of their sanctuaries except to attend a wedding or a funeral.