The Original Alice Wrote:
Apr 07, 2014 10:37 PM
I guess I want my homosexual friends (and any friends who may not know Christ) to know that I'm no better than them - just forgiven. Christ spent time with and loved tax collectors and prostitutes. I won't win sinners to Him via battles - only love. That does not mean, however, that I will roll over and play dead when it comes to law and the Constitution, make no mistake! A country that attacks blacks, gays or Christians (or any combination thereof) is dangerous to all. I fight for our nation to remain pluralistic. We need to all be here, and not tread on each other's rights. And nobody has a "right" to force a wedding photographer to shoot their wedding. Neither, I will add, do I have the right to deny housing to someone just because I disagree with their sleeping partner. But the pendulum of the old intolerance has swung to the New [In]Tolerance - the "tolerance" that forces you to accept everything, which is the most intolerant of all. The "tolerance" that is nothing more than forced moral relativism.