Phileas Fogg Wrote:
Apr 04, 2014 11:37 AM
I had Comcast service to my home shut off as soon as I found out they were owned by NBC(DNC). I switched to Clear Wire for internet, and cell phone replaced home phone, I didn't have their TV service because it's garbage compared to Satellite. I block all the DNC approved channels on TV's as well, canceled HBO so that I am no supporting Bill Maher, blocked MTV, VH1, We, Logo, Oprah, MSDNC, CNN and all the rest of the gay agenda, morally repugnant, Saul Alinsky following sycophantic fascist socialist Obama zombie channels. I do not buy any of the auto-tune dog feces put out by "musicians" who support the Fascist Socialists Amateur in Chief. I ignore movies produced by, or featuring any Libtard. I live near Boulder Colorado, and I will not spend money in a business that employs any burned out hippies or tattoo covered idiots. I will not knowingly use or purchase any good or service produced by a union employee.