JohannS Wrote:
Apr 02, 2014 9:21 AM
Saw your interview with O'Reilly. He went on to debate resons why gambling should be illegal. I wished you had said: "nobody has the right to tell free people how to run their lives." This is where you should have focused, instead of trying to keep up with O'Reilly's arguments for govenment control. There's a gambling problem? Free people have the responsibility to deal with their own problems. There are many compulsive gamblers? There are many more free people who gamble and are not. The number of compulsive gamblers will increase if gambling laws are eliminated? No, if they are compulsive, they are already gambling regardless of the law. For all his usual criticism for the "nanny-state," O'Reilly has a tendency to call for government's intruding in people's personal lives when he thinks it is "for the Greater Good."