TeaLeaves00 Wrote:
Mar 26, 2014 4:12 AM
I'm sorry about your mom.. it is really sad that she isn't getting all the help she needs. But, this is not the same as legitimate medicine. It causes psychosis, apathy, lowered IQ and domestic violence (when coming off of it). Despite that, I am mostly concerned with children that will be neglected by their parents and by teen drug use. Remember the guy that smoked pot next to his car while his baby died inside... and the young woman that drove off with her child on top. Then there was the lady that had been smoking it "a lot lately" and killed her three young children. (It increases Psychosis). Oregon effectively decriminalized marijuana in the late 70's and they have a 50% higher teen use. They also have lower gross income and lower graduation rates. It *IS* a gateway drug.. I know this from personal experience, as well as seeing it in my community. I hope you mom is better soon.. but this is still not good for America.