K L Wrote:
Mar 25, 2014 5:35 PM
In our town ANY school-aged child can get free lunches throughout the summer - no requirement to show you NEED this service. This is "compassion" since many kids get breakfast and lunch throughout the school year and what ever will their parents do to feed them when they are not in school for the summer?? What an amazing example of a government program that continues to grow exponentially. If you question it, you are a "hater" or a mean, selfish, rich conservative- the scourge of the planet and the entity that is killing the planet. While Jesus expects us to care for the poor, He did not expect the STATE to do it. We are to care for our fellow man not have the state TAKE from those who work hard and give it to others many who work the system. For example, my church has families you can 'adopt' at Christmastime and provide gifts and a meal for Christmas. The man in charge says he spends a lot of time screening the families since there is a large percentage that just work the system including those "giving trees" you see cropping up at Walmarts and Targets throughout the Christmas season. I try to keep my ears open for families truly in need and avoid those trees like the plague.