Pete from CA Wrote:
Mar 25, 2014 2:25 PM
#1 Consider the career of Ms. Debbie Gibson, (who?) former singer who maintained a "lady like" appearance. Born in 1970, her public music career started in 1987 and eventually faded out after 1990. In 1990-1995, she recorded two albums that failed to make the "hot 100" though a couple of songs made respectable positions in the singles and 'hot dance" categories. After being dropped by her label, she did several independent releases that did not really gain significant popularity. She's been around music and TV ever since, but is not really well known. Compare to Madonna, Brittany, Christina, and (yes) MIley, who all achieved notoriety (if not exactly "fame") by their skanky antics. Admittedly, Christina Aguilera limited her worst "skanky period" while other performers continue creating publicity. This only proves that "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Well, at least when it comes to Hollywood celebrities. #2 -- I had a business in an upscale city and from time to time I'd stop at a fast food joint "to refuel." I was amazed at the behavior of the kids (the chain advertised a kid friendly environment). They'd wander around the restaurant while eating, much noise (like a playground -- but inside the dinning area) and almost no supervision by the parent (or, perhaps, nanny) in charge. I spent as little time as possible there. #3 through #5 Agree with you entirely. The lying politicians are often the worse, since their lies often influence "low information" voters to support these creeps with no understanding about what they're really doing. The perfect example is Obamacare -- a majority has disliked it from the beginning. However, had the lying politicians explained their real motivations and the real consequences of their actions, they KNOW they'd have been unemployed very quickly. Now they (lie) by claiming "we didn't know." Pure BS -- they knew and they chose to do it.