Rick0418 Wrote:
Mar 24, 2014 10:50 AM
My thoughts on Common Core are complex. I believe that the Federal Government should have minimal activity relating to education. At the college level, I believe they should manage the U.S. Military Academies as a function of defense but should not be involved in any other higher education. At the elementary and high school levels, they should be even less involved. High School and Elementary should be a local activity with some minimum support and credential authorization by the state. As a contradiction, I see so a role for the State and Federal governments relating to Elementary and High School standards. However, it must be done right with no bias. The concern is that bad standards may push the latest academic fad in teaching methodology such as the recent examples in faulty math teaching or political bias such as recent education praising liberal philosophies of obama. Sadly, Common Core seems to have both these problems.