Specificus Wrote:
Mar 20, 2014 2:23 AM
Dr. Sowell’s suggestion that America can turn back the surging tidal wave of sociopolitical and economic disaster by voting into political office the most qualified Republican candidates during “this year’s elections and in the 2016 presidential election,” is not anchored in reality. His faith in political-elections-based redemption is tragically misplaced. Sowell errs with his strategy of exalting POLITICS over CULTURE. The Conservative Thought System, which lies at the core of the Republican Party’s reason for being, has its roots planted deeply within Judeo-Christian Theism. There’s no way that you can separate American Conservatism from historical Western Christianism. From the late 1960s until today, Conservative Evangelical Christians have made the Republican Party their political home. The luminaries of the Evangelical intelligentsia are nearly unanimous in their self-identification as Republicans. And their congregants have been voting Republican since the Eisenhower years. In 1980, Conservatives who had thoughtfully and painstakingly constructed a new, relevant Conservative agenda saw their intellectual efforts rewarded with the election of President Ronald W. Reagan and Vice-President George H. W. Bush. The ensuing twelve years of Reagan-Bush governance did not result in a permanent realignment of the American electorate. Instead, the Cultural Marxists and other Far-Left operatives succeeded in dragging U.S. culture ever more deeply into the pit of anti-Christianism, even as the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition labored to deliver more POLITICAL power into Christian Conservatives’ hands. Today’s American life trends, movies, television programs, failing public schools, and workplace trends all attest to the stagnation and inertia of the Conservative agenda, and to the intellectual lassitude that hallmarks Conservatism’s dearth of ideas. Conservatives invested boatloads of time and money into winning POLITICAL victories, while the Left was triumphant in capturing CULTURAL victories, one after another, after another. This is why the truth-claims and behavior-claims of Christianism are currently being ferociously attacked and driven out of the Public Square with ever-increasing rapidity. For certain people, the act of mobilizing politically, in order to elect Republicans to both the Congress and the White House, may provide some anesthetizing sense of “really doing something” to bring about a much-needed turnaround.