oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Mar 17, 2014 9:13 AM
Unions have gone WAY OUT OF BOUNDS from their original supposed justifications. The old THEORY had been that unions allowed the poor, abused workers to be on more even ground with their rapacious employers. But most union members (> 50%) are now employed by guvment (teachers, civil service employees, etc.) where they milk/victimize taxpayers. Guvment as an employer is MORE accommodating BY FAR than private employers...those guvment workers have NO NEED WHATSOEVER to be protected from greedy employers. Instead, as Scott Walker and other Republican governors have demonstrated, it is WE the taxpayers who need protection from the exsanguinating (blood-sucking) public employee unions representing millions getting rich for less work without real accountability and dunning us for fat, defined benefit pensions that private workers lost decades ago. The average state guvment worker has benefits 50% better AND bullet-proof job security. But the federal workers (with legendary job security...they NEVER leave those fat cat jobs) have benefits 400% as great(!) AND salaries for roughly comparable jobs at least 30% higher.