oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Mar 17, 2014 9:01 AM
The AVERAGE federal bureaucrat now earns > $100k in total. Their benefits are 400% as generous(!!!) as the average private worker. Retirement bennies are nothing short of astronomical and can start so much sooner. Federal bureaucrats are highly populated by "retired" military...they get pushed out after 20 years then go "double dip." Federal employees make 30% more in base for comparable jobs (albeit less demanding), but with bullet proof job security unknown in the real work world. Few guvment workers can be fired for ANY reason. The several highest income counties in America are ALL around D.C. Turnover among federal workers is NIL...they cannot afford to leave the enriching bounty! For state workers, bennies are 50% better. Many guvment employees play the disability scam to become layabouts formally. A college student of mine told me that he worked for a firm that investigates workers' comp disability claims. The inspectors' standard M.O. is NOT to even question disability income claims of guvment workers because the guvment will simply shrug and effectively say, "Let them have the is not OUR money."