dieseldriver Wrote:
Mar 08, 2014 7:15 AM
I differ with you on the Corvair. It was a fine car that was misrepresented and improperly marketed but the car itself was great. I had a 63 Spyder and loved it. Put 97 thousand miles on it before an old guy in a Cadillac ran me off the road and into a telephone pole. It cornered far better than anything else Chevy made at the time, with the possible exception of the corvette, or any American car for that matter. That Ralph Nader had to resort to a special driving trick to get them to roll is another matter. VW Bugs back then had exactly the same design for their rear suspension, why didn't he attack them? The reason Chevy didn't fight Nader's slander was that they didn't want to sell a car that would eclipse their flagship sports car. Even now they down tune the Camaro so it can't outperform the Corvette for far less money. Marketing killed the Corvair.