The_Unknown_Pundit Wrote:
Mar 05, 2014 1:37 PM
Is the Republican Party and conservatism a political movement or are they really a religious movement masquerading as a political movement? It’s really hard to tell the difference given that so many conservatives routinely bring religious canards into virtually every political discussion, just like this piece. It is ironic that while the Constitution doesn’t require a religious belief to hold office, conservatives evidently think one must believe in a deity in order to be a Republican or conservative. For conservatives who wonder why the brand is so damaged, I present to you this article by Mr. Jeffrey. By declaring atheism (and by extension atheists) as an enemy to the country, Mr. Jeffrey paints a picture of conservatism that is worrisome to many Americans. It comes across as religious zealotry, and why wouldn’t it? Its articles like this one and hundreds of others like it, full of religious grandstanding, that drive moderate voters away.