Will Malven2 Wrote:
Mar 03, 2014 4:31 PM
Looks like China has given tacit approval of Russia's Crimean adventures . . . probably a quid pro quo for any action China may choose to make against Taiwan or one of the other islands under dispute. This entire escapade is Obama's fault. It is his weak, ineffectual "leadership" that has invited these sorts of actions. Why should Putin worry? Look at the people we have been sending out there to deal with world leaders. First it was Hillary--the woman who has built her entire career on being the wife of a former President. Follow that with John "The Gigolo" Kerry-Heinz--has there ever been a more pompous buffoon? And for Defense, Chuck Hagel--only a Democrat could believe Hagel would make a good Sec. Def. Putin must be quaking in his boots . . . from laughter.