The_Unknown_Pundit Wrote:
Mar 03, 2014 4:21 PM
Is the Republican Party a political party or is it really a religious movement masquerading as a political party? It is so hard to tell the difference these days given that many on the Right can't seem to couch any political argument without invoking the Bible. Assertions made in the Bible aren't facts. I suggest Dr. Youssef read some military history books so he can understand the real reasons why the Israelites lost the wars he mentions. I suspect he will find they lost because they faced larger, better trained, more powerful armies. The biblical claim that they lost due to losing God's favor is an unfounded assertion and not based in any geo-political facts on the ground in that day and age. Our national debt problems aren't due to any moral shortcomings of the population at large but rather they are due to irresponsible political leadership that would rather borrow money to balance budgets vs. making the difficult choices of cutting expenditures and/or raising taxes to do so. Claiming that it is necessary to become religious conservatives in order to solve this problem only muddies the water and demonstrates that Dr. Youssef has a religious agenda rather than a political one.