cordeg Wrote:
Feb 27, 2014 4:39 PM
Raising the federal "minimum wage" is a method of income redistribution -- from one group of low-income workers (the ones the raise puts out of work) to another group of low-income workers (the ones who remain employed at these entry level jobs). This is typical Democratic Party policy: throw a bone to one group of Americans while ignoring the damage being done to those who pay for the meager benefits the party's policies promise. They are always the first to say that -- for example -- deploying a missile in Poland is "stealing food from the mouths of children" by comparing the cost of one program to the other, but no one ever puts their feet to the fire to explain why they are themselves willing to "steal food from the mouths of children" to, say, support public broadcasting or any of the other Liberal favorites that divert priorities from the poor and the hungry. The reality is that the REAL minimum wage is $0.00, not $7.25, and what Democrats want to do now is give 900,000 Americans a marginal raise of a few thousand dollars at the expense of 500,000 other Americans who will lose their ENTIRE annual incomes. WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THEM? NOT "Liberals" and NOT "Progressives" -- who consider those Americans their policies will devastate to be simply "collateral damage"..