Roger116 Wrote:
Feb 27, 2014 2:33 PM
The mark of a true liberal is to call anything that disagrees with them a lie and question the credibility of the source. Just like Hillary being fired because of her conduct in the Watergate scandal. "It's just second source, he said, or when quotes are taken from the original (no longer available) the question the reasons her ex boss used to fire her. They can't accept she's a liar and crook, but when an ordinary citizen says Obama-care cause them to lose their insurance and yes, pre existing conditions can be insured...for an astronomical price, which they can show. Even with documentation according to Reid and liberals, they must be lying. The liberals are guilty of doing the things they accuse others of doing. If they holler loud enough about the other side, the news will ignore their transgressions. It's not the claimants who are lying, it's Reid every time he opens his mouth to cover his ***