MikeS1952 Wrote:
Feb 23, 2014 1:36 PM
Hand checking is contact. Under the original rules of the game contact was a foul. The game was dominated by the quick, fast and skillful. Now it is dominated by the strong, large and hand checking defense. (Essentially becoming a modified Australian rules football game.) Rules that have been nearly ignored over the past are double dribble (palming if you will, if your hand dips below the equator of the ball that is no longer a dribble, but if you watch, that is the only way the ball is dribbled now. traveling, pivot foot stays in place, if you lift it and your other foot is in contact with the floor, that's travelling, very seldom called. offensive charging, .... well I could go on and on, just waiting for the helmets and pads, heck they are already wearing mouth pieces.)