umass1990 Wrote:
Feb 23, 2014 1:20 PM
When you have people like McCain, Dems have nothing to worry! If this no nothing guy has some decency, he should run as a Democrat in the next election. But, the ill-informed republican voters keep electing this guy, how can we save this country? It is time for Conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians to come together to start a new party - The Conservative Party! In the near future, Dems might gain more power but look at the positive things we can achieve if the 3rd party puts up candidates in select areas designed to throw out Traitors such as McCain, Mitch, Graham, Cornyn, Boehner, Cantor, Lying Ryan etc. etc.... 1. Throw out all the Traitors & increase the % of conservatives in the house & senate. 2. It will help the conservatives in the senate & house (they can concentrate on the enemies rather than worried about being stabbed in the back b these traitors!) 3. It will send a message to all the other Republican Liberals /Traitors to shape up otherwise, their fate will be sealed in the next election. The primary system is rigged in both parties & ill-informed base - tough to throw out these guys! "Traitors are worse than enemies"