umass1990 Wrote:
Feb 23, 2014 12:30 PM
There is No significant difference between Obama & McCain! In fact, if McCain had been elected, US would be in 4 to 5 wars! The country will be worse off! It is time for Republicans to look at their own candidates objectively rather than fall for Dems did this & Dems did that! Last time, I checked, GW Bush was second worst (in some cases the worst) president this country had - in terms of Fiscal Discipline - GOP apologists in the media (including conservative talk show hosts) & GOP in Senate & House - went along! McCain would have been worse than Bush & worse than Obama - we have No business to be in all these wars - he will take us & do Not want to see our young boys lose their lives for ingrates around the world! Yes, McCain does Not have what it takes to be the POTUS of this country in any area! Mary - you would vote for McCain to slash your own throat - just because somebody fought for the country does Not mean they are qualified? This man has Zero economic background & does Not think through issues (as clearly evidenced by his rants!) & has No idea of what immigration ramifications will be! If AZ people want to vote for him, the least he can do is switch parties (just like Phil Gramm did in TX) & stand in election. THen he can earn the respect of people - now he is a traitor in the GOP!