5474 Wrote:
Feb 21, 2014 12:28 PM
Mr. Sowell, It is a rare occasion that I disagree with you. This is one of them. You blame Cruz for jeopardizing McConnell’s seat (Several Republican Senators) but I contend that their own lies and deceit are what has placed them in harm’s way. Cruz simply brought tit pout into the light. And let’s not forget, each of those RINOs have recently had their own disparaging remarks in picking their fights with us. McConnell may well co rue telling us all we need a punch in the nose! And one last comment, If McConnell is ashamed of his record, maybe he should change his record instead of blaming those of us that point it out. Don’t get mad at us and Sen. Cruz, go stomp on McConnell and company’s fingers for their lies and ineptitude!