crazy H Wrote:
Feb 19, 2014 4:52 AM
Dr. Sowell seems to have checked out of reality here and it's said to see such a great man to fall for this game In which we the base most shut up and just vote for the guy with the R behind his name. Mr. Sowell says that the political majority could have stoped hitler but what Mr. Sowell doesn't understand the republicans don't mind obamacare they just don't like the fact they are not in charge. I get tired of this strategy. What good did it do for us conservatives and grassroots people to just go along well we got President bush who started these tarps and bailouts, ok so the GOP gives us McCain and then Romney who apparently these guys do know how to get down and dirty but not against dems but conservatives instead they really know how to go after conservatives. This is just said sight to see mr sowell