Spike The Patriot Wrote:
Feb 11, 2014 5:56 PM
Allowing someone to keep an equal percentage or even a slightly higher percentage of what they have earned is not helping or showing preference to the rich. Contrary to the belief of your average non economically literate persons belief that Rich people have this secrete vault where in an ever growing mound of stacks of cash continue to rise, is the reality these people with these resources invest the majority of the earnings. This investment encourages business growth and expansion providing more employment and wages. Trickle down has been made a false villain! But even more ignorant for most and evil for the true socialist progressive believer is the notion that by government taking more from these investors is somehow going to wind up in their pocket. Absolutely absurd. Government thievery of the economic engineers of our economy has and never will end up in the pockets of those who feel slighted. Ever!