cordeg Wrote:
Feb 10, 2014 7:22 PM
So, we have perhaps 2M people who "gained" heath insurance by signing up for Medicaid under rules that would have allowed them to sign up for it before ObamaCare. Hey, I guess "Happy Days are Here Again". But, there is yet another number I want to know: what is the number of kids who are being counted as having "gained" health insurance under ObamaCare, but are actually just under 26 and covered on their parent's plan, and who prior to the dismal Obama "recovery" might well have had their own employer-provided coverage because the unemployment rate among those in this age group would have been significantly lower? And what does that number become once you add to it the number of unemployed adults who may have "gained" insurance under ObamaCare but who actually ended up in the exchanges only because they lost their employer-provided coverage after they remained unemployed for an historically-long period in the Obama "recovery" and their Cobra coverage ran out? In other words, how many Americans have had to rely on ObamaCare simply because they were victims of Obama's other policies? With each passing day, I get the feeling that the current administration's strategy is to first create a crisis and then create a "progressive" program to mitigate the effects of that crisis -- and then claim that working-class Americans would be in trouble if it weren't for their "solution".