cfuhro Wrote:
Feb 10, 2014 5:03 PM
It's long been known that Bloomberg was a dyed in the wool socialist. Hi attempts to remove large soft drinks and styrofoam food containers from New York City give ample proof of that fact. And his program to take guns from law abiding New Yorkers just adds more proof to what's already been demonstrated to be true. Now that Bloomberg is no longer mayor of New York City, it is no surprise that other mayors are deciding to leave his gun confiscating group. The only concern or question I have is why they joined this group of crazies in the first place. Did Bloomberg hold a gund to your head and force you to join the group? Or are you that stupid all on your own? If you truly are that stupid, I don't think I'd want anyone of you having anything to do with running my city. I think you'd all be well advised to talk with a psychiatrist or psychologist to try and see why your minds are so confused and messed up!!