Gentillylace Wrote:
Feb 04, 2014 3:01 AM
"If America is not prepared to stay indefinitely -- and to stay does not necessarily mean to continue fighting -- in a country in which it fights, it should never engage in that war." In my opinion, Mr. Prager, no country should ever engage in any war ever again. I am not willing that the US military stay indefinitely in any country in which it has fought, so that means that in my opinion, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes. Perhaps a large (say, at least a million people) unarmed US contingent (of aide workers, diplomats, missionaries, expatriate families and intellectuals, etc.) should remain in those countries indefinitely to make sure that the Iraqi and Afghan people remain on their best behavior. Would I be willing to volunteer to be an expat in Iraq or Afghanistan? If I were not on SSI (which does not allow its recipients to live outside the US for more than 30 days a year), I might consider the chance if the Iraqi or Afghan police and military were willing and able to protect a bunch of American civilian expats in compounds resembling the Green Zone. If the police and military could not do so to my satisfaction, I would rather be a long-term expat in France or Brazil :-)