2950 Wrote:
Feb 01, 2014 9:56 AM
If you like school choice, why not go all the way? How about closing the public schools entirely, selling off the land and buildings, divert the untold zillions we continue to waste, including the state lottery skim, into vouchers given to the parent/guardian of each school age child, to be spent as that guardian sees fit, whether it be on a Rhodes Scholar prep program, or Burger Flipping 101. Entrepreneurs will fall all over themselves to market effective, innovative, efficient opportunities to meet parents desires, without the strangling political correctness of rules, regulations, superstitions and oppression that pervades public education. Close the Department of Education, federally and in each state, and free up those resources now being squandered. What happens to the good hard working educators now slaving away in the classrooms of America? The good ones will be hired by the entrepreneurs to staff the private programs they intend to offer. The not so good ones, the lazy, incompetent hangars-on will find other opportunities, or not, or change their ways. Everyone will be better off, even the kids. Imagine that! Well, except Friday night football.