Mike2048 Wrote:
Jan 29, 2014 4:02 PM
"Capitalism, free markets, free thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation, is not the problem" Please tell that to social conservatives who love Big Government as their personal moral and Jesus enforcer. So we let businesses do whatever they want however they want and it's called "entrepreneurship". A business wants to fire all women, gays, and divorced people? Why not! The 'Market" will determine if the consumer decided to support that business. However, when it comes to our personal lives, heaven forbid if the "Market" be allowed to find its center of gravity with respect to religion, marriage, sex, cohabitation, divorce, pot, ect ect ect. Social Conservatives can't compete in the Free Market of personal behavior because they have no way to enforce their morals on others. That's why they need "bailouts" from police prosecutors and judges!