Servo1969 Wrote:
Jan 29, 2014 12:57 AM
I can't say it any better than Rush did on Monday- "All of these awards shows, you know what they really are? I find this fascinating. These awards shows, be it the Oscars, be it the Golden Globes, be it the People's Choice -- the only thing that's not is the CMAs. The CMAs are real, the country music awards. But this, the Grammys, what this basically is is these people in these industries getting together to make fun of their audience. They basically try to shock and impugn people in flyover country. They make fun of 'em. That's half of what those shows are, the risque, just crossing the line. They're trying to offend the straitlaced in their audiences so that they can all be part of the joke at the after party." That's what these broadcasts have mostly become. In one performance after another after another: Insult people who are Christians... Insult people who are horrified by abortion... Insult people who like firearms... Insult people who are against illegal immigration... Insult people who believe homosexual marriage is sinful... The awards seem almost beside the point at times.