vietnam6871 Wrote:
Jan 28, 2014 5:13 PM
Liberals are not known for their high IQ and you prove that point over and over. Who the hell do you think controls Medicare? It ain't your local chamber of commerce, plus, the government owns Medicaid. Everything is coming under government control and medical fees are being reduced to such an extent that tens of thousand of doctors are walking away from medicine, many retiring early. In order to survive, private practices are disappearing into group practices as the costs of government mandated paperwork has quadrupled over the last 10 years alone. Couple that with reduced fees and you will end up with an assembly line approach to medicine rather than a doctor-patient personal approach. We are transitioning from the best medical system in the world (not that it didn't have issues that should have been addressed) to the worst. Single payer system is Obama's goal and it is the world's worst possible system - just ask the Brits who have had it since WW II and it is so imbedded in their economy that they can't get rid of it even though the majority want it gone. And here we are making a change that the majority of us did not want from the get-go and what will we gain? Even the experts agree that there will still be between 20-30 million uninsured if it ever does get in place. We gain nothing and screw the middle class again, the backbone of our economy - you know, you are the libertard - that economy that Obama is doing has best to decimate. If we continue on this course, the US will collapse under the weight of its debt and those on the government dole, like you, will die by the millions. I look forward to that. We can then start rebuilding to get back what we lost.