m90 Wrote:
Jan 28, 2014 7:30 AM
Rockefeller started poor. His father was a noaccount who took off with every penny the family had and left John D. as breadwinner while he was still a boy. He was working at a store when he saw an oil well come in. He beame obsessed with oil. Kerosene was not only expensive. It was dangerous. Too often laps would sexplode or burst into flames and homes and families burned. Rockefeller's Standard OIl was formulated to burn without lamps exloding or catching fire. A great safety advantage. It was Rockefeller who developed the tanker car and wagons for transporting crude oil. It was Rockefeller who developed oil pielines. And when the politicians rried to punish Rockefeller by breaking up Standard oil, they only made him wealthier by forcing him to diversify his interests.