Terence7 Wrote:
Jan 27, 2014 4:45 PM
I am a Christian. I have spent the past two years studying and reading about Judaism. It is a wonderful religion! What I see with many Jews here in America is just how far they have strayed from Judaism's fundamental tenets. We Christians too are way off course as well. It is a kind of duality I observe. On the one hand, Jews are some of the most generous and philanthropic people on earth. Probably the highest donors in America. But, many Jews also are the most arrogant, racist, materialistic, scamming and yes greedy people I know. Rabbis Boteach, Steinsaltz, and Heschel et al are great teachers of Judaism. I would encourage all to read their writings. Judaism has much to offer us. The religious is really fascinating. It has a 3000 year history. We all have shortcomings. Hatred against Jews is unjustified. Jews have become more reclusive. Every time they have stepped out and sought to 'bring light unto other nations' they have been slaughtered. Hence, I understand their closeness. However, Jews are resilient and offer much unto other nations. We just need to embrace what they have to offer.