m90 Wrote:
Jan 25, 2014 7:10 AM
Vietnam was won twice. Once at Tet and once at the Easter Offensive. After Tet the North was ready to throw in the towel. Ten they got a load f the insane anti war movement run by liberals in America and ralized Americans could defeat America. So the North supported the anti war movement. In the Easter Offensive the North invadedand the South's military, with American air suport, defeated the North. They were wiped out. Their armor was left burning in the field and their troops were mostly dead. America had a written agreement to resupply South Vietnam with amunitionand munitions CONGRESS broke that promise. THe North regrouped and reinvaded with a much smaller force. The South had basically on magazine of ammunition and maybe one grenade per soldier. Undersupplied and demoralized by being abandoned by America, the South fell. Liberals rejoiced. Their slf fullfilling profecy of defeat in Vietnam had been realized. Millions of South Vietnamese who ere once our allies were imprisoned, tortured, raped and murdered. Now the liberals want to do it again - and are doing it again - in the Middle East.