Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote:
Jan 22, 2014 11:52 AM
Rationalization of evil by the modern media doesn't impress. I've lived in three places with large homosexual populations. In order of dominant characteristics, they were: 1. Violence toward each other and others. Only black America has a higher crime rate. 2. Users of other people. That is fundamentally what the lifestyle is all about. Using people for one's own personal gratification. 3. Morbid selfishness. The idea of love for others is alien. It's "me first". The very idea that they would adopt kids, given what happens to those kids, is about as selfish and act as a person can do. Homosexuals have consistently not cared about giving others their STDs and other communicable illnesses. 4. Illness. This matches the 30x infectious disease rate of non-HIV positive homosexuals that the CDC and NIH prior to 2009 reported. It comes from the extreme brand of promiscuity and the lack of concern for others. When you combine viruses and bacterial pathogens with promiscuity and an extreme indifference to the rights of others, it's a guaranteed path to disease transmission.