AmericanBelle Wrote:
Jan 21, 2014 9:57 AM
This is a concerted effort of ALL Democrats...Obama is their lacky. They've wanted this takeover of power for decades and have broken all the rules to get their Manchurian candidate into office under the guise of "first black president." Can't say "boo" or else you're a racist, ergo whatever they want, they get. Obamacare gets them 1/6 of the economy without even trying! Initial reports are in: 2.2 million have "enrolled" in Obamacare to date. Of that number, 2/3 of enrollees are the people who were insured under private plans and cancelled out -- many midstream of catastrophic care (cancer treatments/surgeries). So Obamacare was "created" for millions of people who couldn't afford insurance...and NONE OF THEM HAVE ENROLLED IN OBAMACARE. They can't afford it! Those folks are being rolled over into Medicaid!! There shouldn't be a single Democrat who gets elected/reelected in November's election. The GOP has problems but the Democrats outright lied and intentionally deceived Americans, destroying the American Dream, our culture and traditions in their all-out quest for power and control.