AmericanBelle Wrote:
Jan 17, 2014 4:13 PM
"While the exact number may or may not be exaggerated, the fact remains that millions of humans around the world are being stripped of their natural born freedoms and are being treated as property. That is the main thing — and it is atrocious." Far more than 63,000 Americans are being stripped of their natural born freedoms as guaranteed to them by our Constitution! And the people who are responsible -- Democrats, liberals, progressives, atheists, gays, feminists, unions, Hollywood idiots and until recently the Millenials -- are the fools who voted into office all the marxist Chicago-thugs headed by the Manchurian president who spew the filth of redistribution and equality that makes slaves of us all. Their record of success will see their goal met by 2016 and we'll move up the ranks from 134th place to top of the list!