renewableguy Wrote:
Jan 15, 2014 7:27 PM
When the earth gets warmer, the earth melts. No doubt in my mind. 24 Metres High and Rising? Atmospheric CO2 concentration as of 2011 was around 392 ppm, and based upon that and the carbon dioxide/sea level relationship revealed in their research, Foster & Rohling (2013) calculated that long-term sea level rise will reach 24 metres (+7/-15 metres at 68% confidence) above present-day sea level once the planet has fully responded to the warming. This is likely to be achieved through extensive disintegration of the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, and a substantial part of the coastal sector of the East Antarctic ice sheet. The existing land-based ice is equivalent to 60-70 metres, so the loss of 24 metres of sea level worth of ice suggests that over a third of the ice sheet volume may already be committed to disintegration. As noted in the introduction, this dramatic response represents the long-term consequences of human industrial activity and reinforces the concept that atmospheric CO2 is Earth's main temperature control knob.