Beyond Category Wrote:
Jan 15, 2014 7:09 PM
Gates' memoir has made all around the world. I was interested to learn that American interference led to the ROK's lack of response to the provocations of the DPRK--you remember the artillery barrage on that island which killed four and the sinking of the ROKN naval ship Cheonan back in 2010. The ROK looked like a bunch of chumps when they chose not to retaliate. They did so because of bad advice from the US. “South Korea’s original plans for retaliation were," Gates sniffs were "disproportionately aggressive, involving both aircraft and artillery." Well boo-hoo. Allies are supposed to stick up for each other. Not stab each other in the back. President Park, the current President of the ROK, made it clear last April that any DPRK provocation will be met with an immediate and decisive response from the ROKA without regard for political considerations. The President repeated her remarks to ROK soldiers just this last December. Good for her. I think we need to amend our Constitution so that people like President Park can be our President.