Mike107 Wrote:
Jan 15, 2014 12:38 PM
When it can be proven that a human can be homosexual and when it can be proven that two men or two women can consummate a marriage and when it is the norm rather than an exception (impossible for ss) to produce a child then and only then will I agree to provide benefits under the government licence of marriage. There is no such thing as a homosexual human. There are people that engage in a behavior of same sex activity just like a person is a sky diver be they choose to go sky diving. Marriage requires consummation because it is the combining of the two halves of the human species. The governments(we the people) only reason for licensing marriage is to regulate and promote the growing of future citizens. As for equality the laws apply to all individuals absolutely equal. I am just as restricted as to the rules of marriage as any other person. I can no more marry with in my gender or family just like everyone else. The law is NOT about who I love but who I marry. If you want me to agree with you then follow logic and rational reasoning because I will vote against everything that is not.