Servo1969 Wrote:
Jan 10, 2014 2:30 AM
"The belief that global warming is taking place, and that mankind is responsible for it, is non-falsifiable. For the true believer, there is no condition of climate or weather that does not prove global warming, even the fact that there has been none for at least 17 years. The fact that the global climate has been much warmer than the current climate, centuries before man contributed any more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than that produced by breathing, is to them confirmation of global warming. Unseasonable cold? Global warming. Hurricanes? Global Warming. No hurricanes? Global warming. Receding sea levels? Global warming. Rising sea levels? Global warming. Beached whales? Global Warming. No beached whales? Global warming." - Mike McDaniel "When Beliefs are Non-Falsifiable and Infallible"