Berniefeh Wrote:
Jan 07, 2014 1:38 PM
When I first started carrying after getting my CCW permit, my wife was a little uncomfortable. One night, on a trip, we wound up booking a room in advance and found it to be in a questionable part of town. Suddenly, she was very comfortable with the 9mm pistol on the night stand beside my side of the bed. Ever since then, she is happy that I carry and has no problem with the gun beside the bed. According to my local sheriff, in order to get my CCW permit, I had to undergo the same background check as a law enforcement candidate except for the financial report since they aren't worried about my taking a bribe in my official capacity. He is happy to have gun owners and CCW permit holders in his county. It makes the county safer because, when seconds count, a patrol car is only as much as 40 minutes or more away depending upon what part of the county they are in when the call comes in. When I was a college student in the 1960's, we were supposed to keep check our guns with the dorm manager. But he was never around when you wanted to check it out so everyone kept them in the back corner of their closet (so the resident advisor wouldn't see them and HAVE to report it). It was not unusual to see kids walking around with guns in their hands. No one worried about it or about being shot. In Colorado, CU prohibited concealed carry and CSU did not. The crime rate (especially rape) was much higher on the CU campus. Finally the Supreme Court told CU that they could not ignore state law. So now you can carry on the campus but not in the buildings. Means that a student must leave a gun in the trunk of the car and be unprotected in that trip from the car to the building. Great opportunity for rapists still. What were the Regents thinking? Now we have a liberal trying to get a petition to prohibit concealed carry on the campuses again. Personally, I think that open carry is just plain stupid. You are making yourself a first shot target to a shooter. If it is concealed, the shooter doesn't know who is armed and presents a danger to him. Just like the Aurora theater shooter, he drove past several theaters with the same Batman movie playing to get to one that posted no guns so he could have a shooting gallery without danger of being shot.