Ariviste Wrote:
Jan 06, 2014 11:01 PM
You are telling the straight truth about most of what you said because I saw it in Georgia as well. I required my students to memorize the Preamble and you would have thought the world was going to end. The students enjoyed learning it because they had never been required to memorize anything before. Many had never learned the alphabet and I introduced phonics for the first time to them in the fourth grade. They had to learn their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts and I was considered "too hard" by many parents. Many, however, appreciated it. We had to tutor students before school in the mornings and after school as well and this was on our on time with no pay. Summer school was a play time and they proceeded to the next grade as unprepared as they were at the end of the regular school year. Burnout is indeed high because a good teacher usually puts in 12 or 14 hours every day and works on weekends also grading papers, making things for the classroom, and doing lesson plans. Lesson plans have to be done for tutoring as well as regular classes. If a teachers has to be absent, he/she will be at school until nine or ten o'clock the night before doing substitute plans and tough luck if she gets sick in the morning. In many places she has to spend hours trying to find a sub. All that being said, I loved by job and would do it again, but not these days.