Fredward Wrote:
Jan 01, 2014 7:32 AM
I guess you, like the rest of the liberals, haven't been listening. The Republicans have had several plans, which include removing state line boundaries, increasing the high risk pool, increasing availability of catastrophic, low-cost plans, and tort reform to reduce costs. You can continue to argue by defining and re-defining socialism, but this law is, in fact, designed to cause the collapse of private health insurance to provide for a government takeover. Now call be a "teabagger" and "paranoid," then go watch the news. Repeal is NOT an illusion-except to you little lefties. And about taking insurance from that 2 million-nobody seemed to mind when the government took health insurance from SIX MILLION TAXPAYERS, genius. And how do you know these people have health insurance now? No one, the "insured," the government, not the insurance companies know if these policies were actually paid and issued. It's a mystery, no one knows.